EmpowerEd Team


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We are building a board of advisors, however, it currently includes

Prof Vijaya Sherry Chand, Ravi J. Matthai Centre For Educational Innovation, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad.

Dr Benjamin Alcott, Institute of Education, University College London.

Patrick Montjourides, Senior Research Associate, NORRAG and PhD candidate at University of Cambridge.


Samaya Mansour

Founding member and Lebanon team lead
Samaya is an education consultant and researcher, with experience across the education field, particularly education leadership, change and school improvement, and youth development. She has a BA in Education and a PGDP in Educational Leadership from the American University of Beirut and a MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from the University of Cambridge. Samaya has worked on several education research and development projects with local and international organizations in the Middle East.

Munira Jariwala

Founding member and India team lead
In her words "An empty canvas, tubes of paints. It starts with shaping the background, adding the details of a foreground, few strokes here, and some finishing touches there. Children are like empty canvases. A teacher, their painter". Munira is a Biochemist turned Educator, who wishes to transform the lives of children, make them curious learners, and better humans (or curious humans and better learners). She is also a director of TIDE Foundation

Sophia D'Angelo

Dominican Republic team lead
Sophia is a final year PhD candidate at University of Cambridge, a teacher and teacher trainer with over 10 years of experience researching and working in educational development in the Dominican Republic. Her research focuses on the affective and technical sides of teaching and learning. She is passionate about designing and implementing culturally sensitive curricula and training models, especially in the area of gender-responsive pedagogy and socio-emotional learning. Outside of the region of Latin America and the Caribbean, she has consulted for multinational organizations working in Africa and the Middle East.

Camilla Hadi Chaudhary

Core team and Pakistan team member
Camilla is a PhD candidate at University of Cambridge and a member of King’s College. She is a Cambridge Trust and King’s College Xu Zhimo Scholar. Her PhD research focuses on how humanities education in Pakistan’s government schools impacts attitude formation particularly towards inclusion. Her previous degrees are in development economics and international relations, where her research focused on the economics of education. Her research interests include equity and inclusion in education in low resource contexts, teacher and student agency and empathetic pedagogy.

Aanya Niaz

Core team and Pakistan team member
Aanya is an independent education researcher and advisor. She has over 10 years of experience as a practitioner and researcher with a focus on teacher leadership, curriculum development and policy research and advice. Most notably, she devised the first English as a Foreign Language curriculum for Pakistan's largest education non-profit, has trained over 500 teachers with a variety of non-profits and has advised Ministries of Education with the OECD. She is currently also a management consultant and is based in London. To learn more about her, www.aanyafniaz.com

Ayesha Husain

Core team and Pakistan team member
Ayesha has over 21 years of experience in the field of education. She has worked as a teacher, coordinator, educational consultant, curriculum developer and conducted professional development workshops for teachers. Ayesha has an MPhil in Educational Leadership and School Improvement from the University of Cambridge. She considers herself a life long learner and is committed to bringing about positive changes in education.

Thilanka Wijesinghe

Core team and Sri Lanka team lead
Thilanka comes from a speech and language therapy background in community based settings in Sri Lanka with a focus on education in children with disabilities. She is also attached to the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and is currently a second year PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge where her research focuses on Deaf education in Sri Lanka.

Om Patel 

Core team member
Om Patel helps us plan and design our strategic approach to maintaining scalability and sustainability. He is also a TIDE trustee and has consultancy experience at A T Kearney, Davita and Humana

Jwalin Patel

Co-Founder and India team member
Jwalin is about to complete a teacher centric PhD at University of Cambridge, which explores teaching practices and influences for education of the heart / learning to live together harmoniously. He is also the president and trustee of TIDE foundation.

Carly Christensen

Core team member and Canada team lead
Coming soon.