Block Education Transformation Initiative

Developing a model to holistically transform blocks of schools, and this can later be used to transform education systems across the district, state and nation.

सरल कदम Program

We aim for this program to be a scalable program which leads to short term interventions targeted at minimal learning levels.


EmpowerEd is an international edtech platform that aims to educate, enrich and empower educators.

Intern at TIDE

Be and help bring the change that you want to see. We offer various internship programs round-the year.

Why TIDE  ?

TIDE (Together In Development & Education) Foundation is an educational reforms non governmental organization (NGO / Charity) founded in November 2014 that aims to bring about a sustainable change in the educational system and improve access to quality education. As of January 2019, we have impacted the lives of around 12,900+ individuals. We have 6 programs that work with different aspects of education. All of the programs are independent and act as an NGO in their own right though they follow a similar guideline i.e. work on high impact projects, with the aim to create a system that resolves the root cause in a span of 15 years.

We care for the FUTURE


People we worked with


Current volunteers


Create sustainable change and models of sustainable change that can be replicated in other countries

Create leaders by providing them with the tools to think creatively and critically to use these skills to reform their communities.

Create a holistic environment for all students by promoting all round development not limited to the education of the heart, head and hands.

Imbibe an application based learning environment in order to develop the critical reasoning and creative insights amongst the student body.

Uplift the quality of education in government and municipality schools.

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Would you like to join us and help us do what we do? Do you have new ideas that you are passionate about and would like to implement?
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