Our Mission and Vision

In a country like India, the provision of ensured quality education for a child is big question. For a developing nation that is the second most populous country in the world – It is a big challenge that for most children, primary education is at stake. TIDE as an organization, works extensively towards the development of a unique and a transient approach towards education and development simultaneously.
Access to quality education for all is the silver bullet to a lot of social challenges that India faces. The Indian education system faces various challenges not necessarily due to a specific reason but due to several reasons coming together in a complex intertwined network of factors. We believe that a sustainable change requires deep understanding of the complex system and that the a best pinpoint change, a simplest one, has the potential to lead to a dominos effect.
We aim to develop contextualized, grass root level, sustainable changes that develop organically. The interventions hope to bring about systemic changes that thoroughly uplift a given community that we work with and therefore we ideally hope to work with fewer communities albeit a lot more intensively.
We envision that the need of our project has been depleted after 15 years of running it; this aspiration is based on the hope to either systemically resolve the root issue or develop systems that do so independently of us. We have always been vary of change initiatives that address social issues temporarily and thereby lead to the need for continuous intervention(s).

Our Goals

  1. Create sustainable change and models of sustainable change that can be replicated in other countries.
  2. Create leaders by providing them with the tools to think creatively and critically to use these skills to reform their communities.
  3. Create a holistic environment for all students by promoting all round development not limited to the education of the heart, head and hands.
  4. Imbibe an application based learning environment in order to develop the critical reasoning and creative insights amongst the student body.
  5. Uplift the quality of education in government and municipality schools.