Block Educational Transformation Intiative

We are currently developing a Block Education Transformation Initiative as means of scalable and sustainable education reforms in the government schools. The governance of government schools is divided by states, districts and blocks (containing roughly 110 schools). We hope to develop a model to holistically transform blocks of schools, and this can later be used to transform education systems across the district, state and nation. The initiative aims to tackle 3 core educational issues through 3 programs (9 separate interventions).

We aim to work on the following three educational issues:

  1. Low teacher support and poor classroom pedagogy (teaching practices);
  2. Lack of foundational literacy and numeracy skills put together with limited application-based understanding of the core concepts; and
  3. Limited psychosocial support and socioemotional wellbeing support for students.


BETI Intro Video

  1. Phase 1 Pre-Piloting (June 2022 – June 2023)

    Understanding school and community contexts and prepiloting some of the interventions across 10 schools.

  2. Phase 2 Piloting (June 2023 to June 2025)

    Piloting the full set of interventions across 10 schools and developing a scalable model.

  3. Phase 3 Scaling (June 2025 – June 2029)

    Over 4 years we will slowly scale the program to 110 schools running the initiatives at each of the schools for a minimum of 2 years, while documenting our processes and developing networks and partnerships for future replication of the interventions.

  4. Phase 4 Handing over (June 2029 – June 2031)

    We hope to scale our learnings from the program to other contexts and will do so by partnering with other larger NGOs and government and integrating with existent government supported programs.