Other Project

Apart from our flagship programs we also have four other programs that are currently being restructured or have been incorporated into other programs. This page provides an outline of the programs’ aims, their past work and their near future.


This program works with private schools to promote critical, divergent, creative thinking and application based learning and change the current system flaws related to rote memorization and creating technicians rather than thinkers or researchers. CompletEd has been able to reach 405 students. With the systemic incorporation of HOTS in CBSE curricula and teacher training provided by CBSE the program evolved to bring about community wide discussion and critical dialogue bringing together nearly 600 people in a series of talks organized in 2017. The program is currently being restructured to target and bring about social emotional learning.
Under this program, children (at orphanages) were offered soft skill and communicative skill development sessions through interactive group activities and workshops on inter-personal development. Skillixir also branched out to mediate art for personal development at urban slums, rural areas, private schools and colleges, under the sub-project, Inspirarts. Skillixir has worked with 442 children. This program was later dissolved and incorporated into BetterEd and Prerak in order to bring about sustainable changes that remove the need for regular session.
RefugeEd is TIDE Foundation’s UK initiative (2017) that aimed to work with refugees in the United Kingdom. RefugEd provided educational opportunities for individuals and communities experiencing temporary or chronic displacement as a result of the Syrian refugee crisis. The team assisted the communal integration of people displaced by the conflict by addressing the educational and social needs of displaced individuals. The project has now been completed as the needs of families evolved and the children had been integrated into the larger system.

College Dev

This project aims at bringing systematic and effective changes in current university setup that can sustainably contribute towards intellectual development of college-level students. The research intensive group strives to work with students and authorities of colleges, to identify and work on root causes to improve value of education at university level. Some of our initiatives include launching modules like learn at your own pace (LAYOP), Scientific writing, research journal reading and presentation clubs, running IIT Bombay students’ mentoring program for juniors from across regional universities and providing internship opportunities for college students at Nirma from CS/IT streams. CollegeDev reached out to 660+ students.

The program currently offers the TIDE fellowship (hyperlink) and is currently being restructured to create large scale interventions.