Miracle of Ideas 2017

Changing with Times: a public talk series

Natural or manmade systems, on temporary basis, acclimatize, and on a long term basis, adapt for survival. A process of gradual progress, evolution involves an advanced version of the previously existing. The changing times theme analyzed the development of ideas and
disciplines over time through specific discussion threads across the parallels of education, finance, science and innovation, civilization, nature conservation, arts, governance. The sessions specifically explored the complexity of evolution and universality of emergence. Session recordings can be found here.

The talks aimed to

  1. Open up debates about the relevance of past in today’s world juxtaposing specific aspects of history with current scenarios.
  2. Critically evaluate current state of things and methods of addressing these
  3. Help appreciate the complexity of evolution and the nature of emergence;
  4. Better understand foundational principles of a given topic and universality of evolution (the driving forces), and in the process open up an opportunity to draw parallels across topics;
  5. Understand the influence of major evolutionary leaps on the society as well as shaping other parallel areas of an era.


The speakers and themes included

  1. Nature conservation – Prof Kartikeya Sarabhai
  2. Arts Panel: Parallel discussions across fields- Smt. Esther David, Smt. Malika Sarabhai, Pm/ Krishna Amin-Patel, & chaired by Prof Tanishka Kachru
  3. Medicine- Dr. Manish Nivsarkar & Dr. Vipul Turakhia
  4. Finance- Dr. Arpind Sahay & Prof. Rajnikant Trivedi
  5. Civilization and human settlements: A design by (wo)man- Prof Neelkanth Chhaya
  6. Education Panel: the purpose of education- Dr. Prema Mohite, Dr. Shailendra Gupta, Mrs Renita Handa, & chaired by Mrs. Neena Mehta
  7. Complex System Theory- Mr. Jwalin Patel
  8. Science and Technology: Space and Society- Shri Tapan Misra & Smt. Moumita Das