Our Results

Saral Kadam
Bringing about minimal learning levels through self and peer directed conceptual learning
Evening Schools
Daily and weekend mentoring classes across slums in Ahmedabad.
Projects till date: 12 slums, 860 children
Children catered till date: 780
School improvement 
Daily interventions to bring about holistic development in schools.
Projects: 10 schools, 2 remand homes
Students reached- 9,545+
Teachers catered till date: 310
Soft Skill Development
Short term social exercises to improve art and soft skills
Projects: 9 localities, 580+ children
Quality Higher Education
Weekly classes to prepare college students for professional world
Projects: 3 courses and social activism program
People catered till date: 660
Thinking Skills
Promote critical, creative and divergent thinking through events and workshops
Projects: 5 workshops, 6 talk shows
Students catered till date: 400
Audience catered till date: 600
Supporting Syrian Refugees
A past program that supported the  educational needs of Syrian refugees in Cambridge, UK. Number of families supported: 5 families