Miracle of Ideas 2023

This year we are adopting a participatory approach to reflecting on the experiences and role of happiness in education—reminding ourselves and others of the transformative power that learning and positive experiences hold. The multi-parted event begins with an expression competition inviting varied perspectives, followed by an exhibition of the photographs at the school and thereafter followed by a public exhibition where photographers get a chance to showcase and present their work. This will finally culminate in a moving exhibition taking the perspectives across various public spaces and schools.


By asking the simple yet profound question, “What is happiness for you?”, young minds are encouraged to delve into their own unique experiences of happiness in education. This exhibition offers a platform for children to express their happiness through visual imagery and heartfelt words, creating a vibrant tapestry that celebrates the transformative power of joyful learning. Happiness, an elusive yet cherished emotion, is a deeply personal experience that varies from person to person. When it comes to education, happiness can be found in the simplest of moments. It is in the smiles of eager students, the laughter shared during group projects, and the spark of curiosity ignited by a captivating lesson. We set out to record these through the lens of a camera, the strokes of a brush, and the power of words.


We are inviting photographs, drawings, paintings, and poems that capture experiences of happiness in education. Click here to submit your entries.

A glimpse of the exhibition

A call for participation (pre-exhibition)