The program aims to cater to learning gaps that are created through a whole host of reasons not limited to just schooling systems but also support systems for children. The program runs after school daily evening classes for children. Till date, we have worked with a total of 12 slums and 1,225 children through a variety of short term projects and interventions.
Over time the once a week games sessions, evolved into doubt solving and life skill classes (twice a week) and finally to basic education program (five to six day a week). Prepandemic we used to run daily tuition classes, however, postpandemic we have evolved to focusing on life skills education, integrated holistic education, and physical education.
We are now developing a scalable volunteer driven intervention for lifeskills education that can be scaled across hundreds of schools across the city. The program uses activity and application based educational pedagogies for the provision life skills education with a shared focus on extra-curricular activities like arts, dance, theatre, public speaking, and storytelling clubs.