Our publications

We have published our findings and experiences in multiple forums. Here is a summary of our key publications and presentations.

Saral Kadam Booklets

We published a series of 14 visual, graphical, self and peer directed learning booklets for foundational mathematics.

Learning to Live Together Harmoniously; Spiritual Perspectives from Indian Classrooms

A book on an alternative vision for education published by Palgrave, Macmilan and Springer.

Miracle of Ideas

We held a series of public talks exploring complexity across different fields.

Researching Happiness Curricula

This study explores the impact of India’s Happiness Curriculum on children’s social emotional learning (SEL) and relationships using surveys, discussions, and other methods. It aims to understand SEL development and successful implementation of interventions.

Early updates from the study on happiness curricula

Researchers set out to investigate the processes underpinning India’s happiness curriculum on students and teachers, exploring their perceptions and experiences through surveys, discussions, and photo narratives. They aim to inform future studies and promote effective classroom practices.

Case Study on best practices during covid-19

A case study of an innovative educational practice used by a practitioner within our EmpowerEd community. Published in Education for All in Times of Crisis: Lessons from Covid-19 (Leask, M., & Younie, S. 2021) by Routledge. You can read the full book on www.doi.org/10.4324/9781003155591

A sample chapter on integrating social emotional learning into everyday textbooks

In partnership with NISSEM we developed a sample chapter outlining ways in which social emotional learning could be integrated into day to day curricula. Access the chapter via https://tideinternational.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/Sample-textbook_revise2.pdf

Education for harmony; insights from Indian thinkers and practitioners

Dr Jwalin Patel explored an alternative vision for education at a seminar in IIMA.

Blog on education during covid-19

We explored the role of alternative teaching and learning practices during the pandemic; notably of Saral Kadam Booklets.

Presentation at IITGn on Right To Education

Reflecting on six years of the right to education act we explored the accessibility to quality education for slum children.

Case study on social activism and its role in education

A case study on engaging in Actions on Issues of Social Justice to be published in Rewilding education (Cremin, H., 2023) by Routledge.

A vision for Indian education system

An article published in Kedavani Vimarsh 1(1), 27-28. The full issue can be accessed via https://tideinternational.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/01/KEL-5.pdf

Talk at Ummeed Childhood Development Centre

Dr Jwalin Patel shared an autobiographical talk on the purpose of education and the role of social changemaking at the Ummeed Childhood Development Centre (https://ummeed.org/).

Citizens in the making; Inside the schools that prioritise ‘harmonious living’

Read more about alternative visions and practices for holistic education for harmony.

Presentation at Cambridge Education, London, UK

We presented TIDE's initiatives at the voices of the next generation: shaping the future in education conference.