There is very limited attention and support for children who face socioemotional and mental wellbeing challenges, and this inadvertently impacts their welfare and education. Therefore, through this intervention we aim to promote student wellbeing.
The program has evolved over the years; in the past we worked with 442 children (at orphanages) and offered soft skill and communicative skill development sessions through interactive group activities and workshops on inter-personal development. Later we also branched out to mediate art for personal development at urban slums, rural areas, private schools and colleges, under the sub-project, Inspirarts.
Currently, we work with roughly 1,500 students in 10 government schools in Sanand and engage the students in through 1) immersive and experiential learning biannual camps for students; 2) regular counselling support for students with specific needs; and 3) regular life skills for all children.This program was later dissolved and incorporated into BetterEd and Prerak in order to bring about sustainable changes that remove the need for regular session.