Miracle Of Ideas 2024 – Panel Talks

The conference will bring together panels of prominent speakers that help unpack nuances of development and envision the future of the city. We hope to engage speakers across disciplines as they reimagine the future of the city, barriers to sustainable development, and key levers to sustainable development.

Panel themes-
1. Sustainable lifestyle and consumption practices
2. Sustainable business models
3. Sustainable cities and development.

Tentative conference flow-

8:00 TO 8:30 Registration
8:30 TO 8:45 Opening ceremony 
8:45 TO 8:50 Opening remarks by AMA
8:50 TO 9:00  Opening remarks by TIDE 
9:00 TO 9:30 Keynote speaker talk
9:30 TO 10:45 Panel 1
10:45 TO 11:10 High Tea Break
11:10 TO 12:25 Panel 2
12:25 TO 13:40 Panel 3
13:40 TO 13:50 SDG drive launch
13:50 TO 14:00 Closing remarks

Panel Members

Sustainable Lifestyles and Consumption

Romy Sebastian

Romy Sebastian, a professor at Nirma University, specializes in sustainable practices through research on terrace gardening, sustainable agriculture, and the role of functional foods in health.

Rajasi Rastogi

An alumna of Cambridge University with a degree in Social Innovation, is a dynamic force in the realm of social design and innovation. As the co-founder of Savitri Sociallabs, based in Vadodara city, Gujarat, she spearheads projects aimed at social innovation, sustainability, and changemaking

Biplab Paul

An innovator and social entrepreneur, best known for developing the Bhungroo irrigation system, which helps farmers in water-scarce regions by harvesting and managing rainwater improving agricultural productivity and livelihoods.

Sustainable business models

Mansee Bal Bhargava

Environmental researcher and educator, specializing in urban water management, sustainability, and ecological design, with a focus on integrating innovative solutions for sustainable urban development.

Vivek Shah

Vivek is a dedicated advocate for sustainable urban development with a rich background in environmental restoration and a profound interest in passive design principles. Also spearheads Brindavan Environmental Partners, a venture committed to restoring the health of Earth's natural systems.

Yatin Pandya

Footprints E.A.R.T.H. is an Ahmedabad-based firm, led and driven by Ar. Yatin Pandya and his subtle, natural, sustainable, and context-centric design philosophies. A believer in addressing environmental issues and local architecture, the firm has accomplished building a reputation of being sustainable and earthy.

Tanay Sanghvi

He is a 12th grader at Anand Niketan. He implemented an eco-friendly solution: floating islands, which use plants to absorb excess nutrients from sewage and purify the water. Constructed from recycled materials like waste bottles, pipes, and bird netting, his cost-effective islands, supporting up to 15kg, were deployed in the lake of Ranchardpura.

Sustainable Cities and Development

Pooja Mathur

Pooja had been previously associated with different environmental organisations for 10 years. The green straw - The store is a low-waste store selling all eco-friendly alternatives to plastics. The categories are elaborate right from personal use products to home use, bags, accessories, stationery, décor items, and so on

Alpesh Parikh

Alpesh Parikh is a prominent entrepreneur and the founder of Gulmohar Greens, a renowned golf and country club in Ahmedabad, India, known for promoting recreational and leisure activities in a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Meet Joshi

He is the Director of the project Adopt a queen. Project Adopt-A-Queen aims to revolutionise beekeeping through ethical practices focused on the Environment, Education, and Economy. They address the neglect of honeybees caused by unethical apiculture and lack of resources for beekeepers. Their mission is to spread awareness about authentic honey and the vital role of honeybees.